Creative Center | Perfumery, Evaluation, Applications

Belle Aire Creations’ recent expansion efforts have lead us to open a new creative center. This new facility contains the latest instrumentation and equipment, allowing our perfumers to work in an environment with the perfect balance of technology and creativity.

President and Chief Perfumer, Don Conover, leads our professional perfumery department, which consists of:

  • Senior members of the American Society of Perfumers
  • Expert evaluators who are trained extensively and dedicated to creating winning fragrances
  • Complete laboratory facilities staffed by chemists who are skilled in the art of fragrance applications
  • Current regulatory and quality control department complimented with the latest software to assure complete compliance and safety of our fragrances

With expertise in fragrance evaluation, our team is responsible for:

  • Understanding our customers’ needs
  • Partnering with our marketing department to stay in-tune with current fragrance trends and market news
  • Guiding fragrance design

Applications Lab includes:

  • Customer-centric stability, solubility and long-term performance evaluation
  • Development of innovative fragrance presentation and delivery systems
  • Optimization of fragrance performance in customer products