Total Malodor Management™

Belle Aire Creations makes the only complete and effective malodor management technology with a brilliant portfolio of solutions that will change the way brands manage malodors. Total Malodor Management™ and Total Malodor Management Natural™ (TMM™) proprietary processes and technologies effectively modify, neutralize and eliminate malodor on contact in vertical markets including:

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TMM and TMM Natural formulations are scientifically created to capture malodor molecules and prevent them from reaching the nose — without interfering with the base’s functional components.

With 90+% efficacy, TMM is more effective at malodor reduction than the antimicrobial materials that are used in many products. In fact, TMM totally outperforms all other malodor technologies on the market today.

Test results prove it: TMM technologies offer a unique opportunity to boost your brand’s value with market-leading performance claims.

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