Spring/Summer 2017


Spring Summer 2017 brings us four wonderful stories influencing the fragrance development process.

Retro Tech

Our first fragrance inspiration comes from the blending of two dynamic times. The 1980s and the present day digital world. The 1980s brought strength, with aerobic workouts and buns of steel and big hair from the gals in powerful TV families like the Ewings from Dallas. The mood was bold and strong. The digital world of today offers the same power and strength. The mood is aggressive and powerful. This influential theme inspires fragrances that are strong, bright, energizing and fun. Think scents that jump start your day. Citrus and fruits with bold infusions of plum and even the jolt of electric blue “berries.” The message is “wow.”

Urban Edges

This is a wonderful juxtaposition between the urban grit of our cities and charming warmth of the countryside. There is an enormous influx of people, especially the millennials, moving into major metropolitan areas, who enjoy both city life and country life. We call it “city meets country.” Rooftop gardens, outdoor cafes, social gatherings with friends, and weekend jaunts to the countryside all bring inspiration to the creative noses. The mood is timeworn and vintage with a delicate earthiness and romance. Against this raw beauty is the back drop of the city’s bare gritty aesthetic bringing notes of the cooling concrete and fresh outdoors. Think garden flowers and lazy afternoon. So pretty!!!

World Traveler

Consumers are actively seeking out new cultural adventures. They enjoy authentic, local experiences, including the natural habitats, food, fashion and the wonders of faraway havens. These new travel experiences will be shared on all the visual platforms available today bringing global awareness to the forefront of our lives. Secrets will unravel and unique travel experiences will increase our connectivity to the world, leading to the development of amazing new scents inspired by exotic fruits and flowers, flavors and spices and indigenous ingredients from around the world. This is a true, feel good, high summer story. From the beaches of Cuba and the warm seas of the Caribbean, to distant lands, global is key.

Pause & Reflect

There is no denying that the world is an exciting place right now. Our lines of communication are amazing. The internet, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are the tools we’ve come to depend on for our everyday living. But when we want to slow down, we need an ambiance that is calm, soothing and encourages relaxation. We call this taking the time to Pause and Reflect.  Scents and other senses take on increased importance for spaces and objects that provide a subtle, yet powerful way to experience the world away from screens and swipes. A mood that is bare and natural paired with a contemporary, futuristic look. Fragrance designs are spa-like, holistic, clean and natural expressed with soft fruity florals and fresh herbs creating scent experiences of water and sea, air and earth.